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Aqua Conditioners Salt Free Water Softener Technology

It’s important to understand why the technology behind Aqua Conditioners salt free water softener is unique. It prevents scale, as well as breaks down the existing scale – without using salts, chemicals or electricity. Also, it provides an endless supply of ‘softened’ water without any further cost or maintenance.

The technology behind a water conditioning system is not something that is frequently touched upon. However, at Aqua Conditioners, we believe a consumer should be provided with an extensive insight into the science behind the system of our salt free water softener technology.


What is the Aqua Conditioners salt free water softener system?

Ans: Unlike traditional ‘water-softeners’, the Aqua Conditioner does not use sodium carbonate or any other chemical to remove calcium and other minerals from water.

However, it does turn ‘hard water‘ into ‘soft water’ as characteristics of the calcium molecules changes, so that it does not drop out and cling to other surfaces. The Aqua Conditioners device prevents scale from forming by neutralizing the scale producing properties of the minerals in hard water. This means neutralized mineral particles will flow freely through the system without sticking to the surfaces.


What does the Aqua Conditioner Technology do?

Ans: The technology is designed to protect plumbing systems and other surfaces from the negative effects of hard water minerals.

The scale and residue that usually sticks to pipes scale buildup in pipes, valves and other surfaces are prevented from forming. It changes hard minerals in the water to inactive microscopic particles. These inactive mineral particles stay suspended in the water (much like minerals are suspended in milk) and flow freely, without sticking to surfaces. 

Most importantly, unlike hard water minerals, if the inactive mineral particles occasionally drop out of suspension, they can easily be washed or wiped away without the use of chemicals.


Getting into the science: How does an Aqua Conditioner work?

Ans: The unit is installed directly in your water line. It has at its core a non-sacrificial, catalytic converter that is non-ferrous, resists rusting and corrosion, and is totally non-toxic and ecologically safe.
The unit is salt and maintenance free and requires no resins, no electricity, no magnets, no backwashing, and no salts or maintenance.
Using a unique combination of metals within the alloy core, plus the principle of turbulence (the Venturi effect), the water flow is forced through the Aqua Conditioner unit, where an electrochemical catalytic reaction occurs. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, completing missing electrons and so new mineral compounds are formed. The electro-physical changes in the minerals neutralize their scale producing properties.
The result is that the previously ‘hard’ minerals are changed from being large molecules into inactive, microscopic mineral particles.


The Chemistry behind Aqua Conditioners Salt Free Water Softener

  • Blended in a specialized foundry process, each alloy core is made up of a number of dissimilar metals scientifically selected from the anode and cathode galvanic scale. The alloy is not a sacrificial anode (i.e. does not need replacement).

  • On contact with water, thousands of intense galvanic electrochemical reactions occur along the length of the alloy core.

  • Minerals are attracted to these galvanic sites as they flow through the system.

  • The electrical charge or zeta potential of the minerals in the water is reduced, allowing the minerals to aggregate and form nano-sized colloids, which remain in suspension rather than precipitate on pipes and associated equipment.

  • Zeta potential is considered to be the electric potential of the minerals in the water.

  • Aqua Conditioners lowers the Zeta potential of water by a factor of almost 2.


The Physics behind Aqua Conditioners Salt Free Water Softener

  •  Each alloy core has been designed and engineered for a specific flow range.

  • Each core has offset discs so that there is no direct route for water to travel. There is a definite water alloy contact.

  • Water velocity is increased as water is squeezed through the disc apertures and on through the chambers along the length of the core.

  • High and low-pressure areas are developed on either side of each disc.

  • Extreme turbulence is generated in each chamber along the length of the core.

  • The increase in water velocity and turbulence combine and create a mechanical washing action which prevents minerals from building up, on the core.

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