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The iron filter uses high quality activated carbon and BRIM (Best Iron Removal Media) Media and Gravel sand media. The high-quality media ensures efficient remove of iron particles present in water and at the same time increases the life of the filter.

If your water smells of rotten eggs or is reddish-brown in color, there is an excessive iron content in your water. The traditional methods of removing iron from water doesn’t work. Considering this, RO Zone Technologies has introduced an all new iron removal filter. A high capacity appliance, RO Zone  Iron Removal Filter doesn’t use electricity to provide you clean and iron-free water.

The iron filter doesn’t need electricity for the iron removal process. All you need to do is follow the installation procedure and the filter will be ready for use.

For the convenience of the users, RO Zone Iron Removal Filter has a sleek and elegant design. As a result, you can easily attach the filter without affecting the look of your home.

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